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Featured Product: Specialty Tea.

Speciality Tea

Specialty tea from our estates is very exquisite and is made in limited production. They have very different flavour from the rest of teas and have a very complex manufacturing technique which makes it difficult to make in volumes. Click here to find out more about specialty tea.
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Knowing how to brew your tea is very important and an integral part of the whole process. The best Darjeeling’s can be destroyed if it is not brewed properly. Not all varieties of tea are made in the same process. This is mainly because the composition of tannins and caffeine keep changing with different seasons and different varieties. Here are some basic guidelines on tea brewing.

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It has been a pleasure challenge to be in the business of Darjeeling Tea – “one of the finest hot beverages served in the world”. We have been fortunate enough to run two world famous estates Gopaldhara and Rohini. Both these estates are blessed with unique characteristics which makes it possible to produce excellent exotic teas throughout the year. To find out what sets up Gopaldhara and Rohini apart from rest of the estates please click the links below.

  • Gopaldhara (Darjeeling)
  • Rohini (Darjeeling)
  • Soongachi (Dooars)
  • New Glencoe (Dooars)

Bulk Tea

Our gardens have been blessed with excellent location, altitude and mix of bushes to produce exquisite teas throughout the year. See what makes our garden special and the effort taken to make sure that the pest possible cup reaches the connoisseurs hand. Click here to see our range in bulk tea. Click for Details


Packet Tea

Our teas are now available in India in packets. We are offering most of our range and we are sure they would interest you. We are offering hand crafted teas, tea by the season, black, green, oolong and white. Click here to see what is available in our packet tea section. Click for Details