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We are located in the Darjeeling hills & since 1955 our family has worked really very hard to develop the quality of our teas day by day. We specialize in the production of authentic Darjeeling Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Purple Tea etc.

DIRECTLY FROM 7000 Ft. & no middle man involve

We traditionally manufacture authentic Darjeeling Teas at the highest elevation (5500 feet to 7000 feet) in Darjeeling Hills under the strict supervision of our tea experts and providing the same to the consumers directly without involving any middleman.


We have won many rewards for our finest Darjeeling Teas, like Australian International Tea Export 2018 & Prix Epicure De L’epicerie Fine and stood 3rd in North American Tea Championship. We have a certified license of FSSAI, ISO 22000, Ethical Tea Partnership & Rain Forest Alliance.

Fresh Tea for you

Maharaja of Darjeeling
Mouthful Second Flush Tea from 7000 Feet
Summer Honey Oolong
Mouthful, Sweet & Fruity Flavour with Honey Finish
Rare Woody Autumn
Mouthful Flavour with Rare Woody Taste
Frosted Red Thunder Oolong
Rare Clonal Red Oolong Tea with Fruity Character
Honey Oolong Spring
Rarest First Flush Tea with Honey Finish
Hand Rolled Spring Treasure
Rare Mouthfull First Flush Tea from 7000 Feet
Umami Summer Oolong
Rare High Elevated Yellow Oolong Tea
Long Leaf Oolong Tea
Rare Semi-Oxidised Second Flush Oolong Tea
Rare Muscatel Gold
High Elevated Muscatel Black Tea
Clonal Black Tea
Premium Black Tea with Prominent Muscatel Flavour
Premium Spring Green
First Flush Green Tea – Value for Money
Darjeeling Heritage
Rare First Flush – Fruity White Tea


Royal Collection of Darjeeling – Taster Boxes
6 Exotic Darjeeling Teas in 1 Combo
Rose Wihte Silver Tips
Exquisite White Tea with Rose Buds
Classic First Flush
High Elevated First Flush Tea
3 in 1 Darjeeling Tea Gift Box
Set of 3 Finest Darjeeling Teas
Smoky Muscatel Tea
Rare Black Tea with Pinewood Smoke Flavour
Darjeeling Silver Needles
Finest Darjeeling White Tea – Only from Selected Buds
Jasmine Green Tea
Darjeeling Green Tea with Jasmine Flavour
Classic Gift Box
Exclusive Gift Box of 3 Pcs Canister
Classic Second Flush
High Elevated Second flush Black Tea
Darjeeling Earl Grey Tea
Flavoured Darjeeling Black Tea
First Flush Orange Pekoe
Regular First Flush Black Tea – Value for Money
Darjeeling Broken Tea
Strong Liquor With Nice Aroma

Latest Reviews

broken tea

” I have purchased this tea for my home use and its test very good and resonable price, and now i love Gopaldhara Tea, will love to order more. I am happy with their service. Thank You Gopaldhara. “


” Well, I am bound to review this tea after drinking the first cup. And what can I say? It’s just great; a perfect cup to uplift the mood during the pandemic. It’s vintage Darjeeling tea for connoisseurs with a subtle aroma. Use a tea spoon for a cup and brew for 3-5 minutes. A big thanks to Gopaldhara tea; I will buy again. “

Avijit Sett

” The vintage green tea is a light tea with pale yellowish green colour and usual aroma. I enjoy drinking it often, as it leaves a refreshing, clean taste. Since the tea is light, I steep it a little longer than black tea to suit my tastes. “

Sourav Bhaumik

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