Gopaldhara Darjeeling Heritage – The White Champagne – First Flush White Tea 2021

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This first flush white tea has a very fresh taste and spring season character. The tea made from old bushes at the high hills of Darjeeling. The hand-plucked leaves are neither dried nor rolled so we are getting very delicate dry leaves. The tea brews into a pale yellow cup which gives a mouthful very fruity Character, with no grassy tones which are very unconventional for a typical white tea. It is very light on the palette but the flavour levels are quite heavy, so this tea is a huge surprise. It is quite complex and very mineral-rich to drink. You can also find the notes of wild pear, lime, and woody without any harshness, bitterness, and astringency.
The top elevation of Gopaldhara Tea Estates which stretches from 5500 to 7000 FT is planted with the best quality clone. Also, the bushes are fresh as they have just come out of hibernation from the prolonged winter of almost 4 months from December to March. During the first flush which is also known as spring flush, we have 100% growing shoots and get excellent buds with either a single leaf or two leaves and a bud. The flavour is prominent as the weather is also very dry and cool which ensures very slow growth.
The workers are very careful in their plucking to make sure only the best shoots with prominent buds are plucked. The Plucking is of such fine quality that the tea only needs to be hand sorted and the machines used to make the tea are very rare. This tea didn’t undergo oxidation during the manufacturing process and as such, there is no induced oxidation for this rarest white tea. It is a true delight and one of our best first flush white tea.
first flush white tea
Gopaldhara Darjeeling Heritage – The White Champagne – First Flush White Tea 2021