Gopaldhara Darjeeling Spring Sencha – Green Tea 2021

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This Japanese style green tea is produced from high-quality green tea clones at the highest elevated peaks of the Gopaldhara Tea Estate. The leaves having less tanning content are finely plucked which makes the tea less bitter. The leaves are plucked young and tender to produce a smooth cup. Oxidation is skipped to ensure all the essential anti-oxidants and polyphenols are prominently present. The leaves are gently rolled which allows them in opening up by the pot when brewed. The tea has a very delicate light green-coloured liquor having a very nice floral flavour and some fruity notes. The finish is very deep crisp refreshing without any astringency. The leaves are polished and flattened instead of being cut to a standard size. This process makes this Japanese style green tea very smooth to drink as they are sorted less and a large portion of the leaf is completely retained.

japanese style green tea
Gopaldhara Darjeeling Spring Sencha – Green Tea 2021