Gopaldhara Darjeeling Premium Spring Green Tea 2021

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This is a special Darjeeling Green Tea at our site from the highest elevated section of Gopaldhara Tea Estate. It is produced from high-quality green tea clones which have less tannin content than the usual Darjeeling clones resulting in zero bitterness in a freshly brewed cup. This is a broken leaf standard and brews into a bright greenish-yellow cup. The flavour is mellow, sweet, and hardly tastes bitter. The lingering aftertaste is delightful.
It offers very good value for money. A very healthy and rejuvenating drink for those who want a great tea with health. Studies have proved that consuming green tea helps to lead a healthy life and curing diseases. Rich in anti-oxidants this healthy beverage is ideal for daily consumption for overall health benefits.

special darjeeling green tea
Gopaldhara Darjeeling Premium Spring Green Tea 2021